Veneers vs. Whitening: Choosing the Right Treatment for Your Dream Smile

When you’re missing teeth, it’s not just about looks – it affects how you eat and speak, especially if you’re missing several or all teeth.

Dentures are a vital solution. They don’t just restore your smile; they improve your overall dental health and well-being.

Here’s how they can make a difference:

comparison on dental veneer vs teeth whitening treatment

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

Missing teeth can make chewing and enjoying meals difficult. Without all of your teeth, you may struggle to bite and chew, especially harder foods. Missing numerous teeth may lead you to a dull, soft-food diet. 

Dentures bring back your ability to chew and bite, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods again. They allow you to eat nutritious foods without embarrassment or discomfort.

Speak Confidently

Teeth are crucial for clear speech. Missing teeth can affect your ability to form common sounds and to speak with clarity. They can make it harder to communicate with loved ones or in a professional setting. 

Dentures fill in the gaps, helping you speak clearly and confidently, especially if you’re missing front teeth. They restore your speaking ability, helping you to communicate with those around you.

Keep Your Teeth Aligned

Even if you have some natural teeth left, gaps from missing teeth can cause them to shift. This can lead to more dental issues and extensive treatments. Dentures help keep your remaining teeth in place, promoting long-term oral health.

Maintain Your Facial Structure

Lost teeth affect more than just your smile; they also impact your facial appearance. Without stimulation, your jawbone may recede. This leads to a sunken-in, aged appearance. Dentures stimulate your jawbone, preserving your face’s natural shape and youthful look.

Choose Dr. Brent MacDonald in NE Calgary for Your Dental Needs

Dentures don’t just improve your smile; they enhance your quality of life. 

Whether you need partial or full dentures, Dr. Brent MacDonald in NE Calgary can help.

Our dentist in NE, Calgary for seniors offers comprehensive denture solutions to help you eat, speak, and smile how you used to. 

Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards a brighter, more confident you. Book your appointment for dentures in NE Calgary today. 

Have questions about caring for your dentures? Check out our blog on Denture Care Tips for Longlasting Dentures. Our blog has helpful information to keep your smile bright and healthy.

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