Fluoride Treatment in NE Calgary, AB

Regular fluoride treatments in NE Calgary protects tooth enamel to strengthen teeth!

You can find fluoride in tap water and as an additive in many common food items. It’s an important mineral that plays a major part in our oral health, which is why it’s now added to many foods.

Sugar consumption triggers acid production in the mouth. The acid is used to break down the sugar, but it also eats away at our enamel. Over time, acid, as well as plaque buildup, can lead to several oral health concerns, including tooth decay.

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Where to Find Fluoride?

To help protect your teeth, you should apply fluoride every day. Many kinds of toothpaste contain fluoride to help strengthen enamel. In addition to your toothpaste, you’ll find fluoride in tap water and many processed foods. Consuming these items can help you get enough fluoride. All of these simple sources of fluoride can help you prevent oral health concerns.

Should Kids Use Fluoride?

Fluoride helps kids with developing teeth as well. When your child has his first tooth come in, he should be exposed to fluoride. It will help teeth develop strong and healthy while also helping to prevent tooth decay. Of course, carefully monitor their use of toothpaste until they master spitting it out on their own.

The Importance of Fluoride Treatments

You can and should get fluoride every day from food and toothpaste. While this is key for your oral health, it should not replace professional fluoride application. So, why visit the dentist for fluoride treatment? The treatment at the dentist’s office contains a higher concentration. Furthermore, the dental team makes sure that each tooth is coated, which is hard to do on your own. Lastly, fluoride treatment at the dental office is typically part of a dental cleaning which is essential for preventative dental care and long-term dental health.

Fluoride Treatment in NE Calgary, AB

Dr. Brent MacDonald’s general dental team is here to help with your dental care, including fluoride treatment in NE Calgary. With a focus on preventative dentistry, our dental clinic in NE Calgary, AB, offers a wide array of dental treatments to help keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Contact us at +1 (403) 273-6959 to schedule your appointment. for a dental cleaning with fluoride treatment today!

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