Root Canals in NE Calgary, AB

Preserve your tooth and prevent further damage with a root canal in NE Calgary, AB.

If you’re dealing with an infected tooth or severely damaged tooth pulp, then root canal treatment in NE Calgary may be for you.

Left untreated, a cavity can worsen and damage the tooth pulp. A root canal removes the damaged dental pulp and seals the tooth. Root canal therapy in NE Calgary helps preserve your natural tooth while preventing pulp infection from spreading.

Turn to Dr. Brent MacDonald and our general dental team for help with your root canal procedure in NE Calgary.

Root Canals Calgary, AB

Do I Need Root Canal Therapy in NE Calgary?

If you have dental pain, you may wonder if you need a root canal procedure in NE Calgary. When the tissue inside your tooth root is infected and inflamed, it often requires a root canal. A tooth fracture, extensive dental restorations, or untreated cavities may all cause tooth pulp damage or decay.

An untreated cavity is one of the most common reasons for tooth root damage. Eventually, the decay makes its way to your tooth pulp after eroding your enamel and dentin. When the infection reaches the tooth pulp, it can spread and cause serious health concerns.

Root canal treatment in NE Calgary preserves your tooth by removing the infected or damaged pulp. It addresses the infection and fills in the cavity to maintain your tooth health. Following a root canal, the dentist will seal the tooth with a dental filling or tooth crown. This treatment prevents the tooth from sustaining further damage and can help you avoid tooth extraction.

Signs to Visit a Root Canal Dentist

Oftentimes, we don’t notice a tooth infection until it’s severe. The common symptom of damaged tooth pulp includes:

Root Canal Procedure in NE Calgary

Do you need a root canal? Our team at dental clinic in Calgary, AB is here to help. We will assess your smile and help you determine if the root canal procedure in NE Calgary is right for you. Turn to us for your root canal therapy needs today.

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