Teeth Bonding in NE Calgary, AB

Restore damaged or cracked teeth with tooth bonding in Calgary at our general dental clinic.

Dental bonding is one treatment option for teeth with imperfections. Compared to other dental procedures, the dental bonding procedure is quick and affordable. If you have minor tooth damage and want to improve your smile, dental bonding may help.

Dr. Brent MacDonald’s general dental clinic offers teeth bonding in NE Calgary to help you address your smile needs. Turn to our team for your dental care needs.

Man Inspecting His Teeth After Teeth Bonding In NE Calgary, AB

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

How does dental bonding in Calgary, AB work? The treatment involves attaching new material to your tooth.

Tooth bonding can address minor tooth chips and cracks. Typically, the dentist bonds resin or porcelain to the tooth. By fusing the material to your tooth, the dentist restores its shape and function. Tooth bonding is a fast, minimally invasive solution for addressing tooth damage. This is why many patients choose dental bonding.

Is Teeth Bonding Right for Me?

If you have the following dental issues, then consider tooth bonding:

Dental Bonding Procedure in NE Calgary, AB

Direct composite and adhesive are two common options for dental bonding. The dentist works

with you to determine the best material for you during your consultation. The tooth bonding consultation is where the dentist plans your procedure and prepares your tooth.

Here’s a brief overview of the dental bonding procedure:

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Do you think dental bonding could help you? Then turn to our general dental clinic in NE Calgary.

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