Denture Care Tips for Longlasting Dentures

Dentures are a popular solution for those missing most or all of their teeth. They restore your smile and help with biting, chewing, and speaking. However, it’s natural to wonder about their lifespan before getting them.

In this article, we’ll answer the question “how long do dentures last?” and provide tips for extending their lifespan.

Dentist Explaining About Dentures To The Patient

The Lifespan of Dentures

The typical lifespan of dentures is around 10 years with proper care. However, their lifespan can be as short as 5 years if you don’t follow denture care guidelines. Furthermore, the quality and type of dentures also affects how long they last. Partial and full dentures may have different lifespans. Still, denture care is the most important factor for the lifespan of dentures.

How to Care for Dentures

To prolong the lifespan of your dentures, follow these important care tips:

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your dentures is essential. It prevents plaque and other buildup, the same way that brushing natural teeth keeps them healthy. Use a denture brush and a special cleaning solution every night to keep them in good condition.

Proper Storage

Store your dentures correctly to prevent them from drying up or sustaining damage. Always store them in a room-temperature cleaning solution when not in use. Never sleep with them in your mouth as that may cause dryness and warping.

Clean Your Mouth

Keeping your mouth clean and healthy is important for ensuring proper denture fit. Use a gentle brush or cloth to clean your gums and tongue. Brush any natural teeth with toothpaste regularly.

Visit your dentist for dental cleanings and exams as well.

Dentures in NE Calgary

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