How Can I Overcome My Dental Anxiety?

If the idea of coming to the dentist ignites fear and anxiety, then you are not alone.

Fear of the dentist is a common phobia that people of all ages face.

While the level of dental fear may vary, even moderate dental anxiety can keep people from coming in for important dental care. In the end, avoiding preventative dental care or delaying treatments only increases dental health problems.

Overcoming the fear of the dentist is vital for getting the dental care you need.

What can you do to stop being afraid of the dentist?

Here are some ways to overcome your fear of the dentist.

A Fearful Small Girl Covering Her Mouth For Dental Treatment

Analyze Your Fear

Where does your dental phobia come from? Sometimes, a specific negative event triggers it, while the answer may not be as clear for other people. Try to assess your own fear. What exactly scares you about the dentist? Did you have a bad dental experience? Write out a list of what you specifically fear at the dentist. Note down any negative events you’ve had regarding dental care. Uncovering some of your triggers can help you find the most appropriate solutions.

Learn About Modern Dental Technology

Dentistry is a fast-paced field that’s always advancing. Modern dental technology facilitates quicker, more comfortable, and safer dental care. Horror stories, or even bad personal experiences, from the past, are not an accurate representation of the current dental experience. Learn more about dental advancements, including technology and methodology, to put some concerns at rest.

Lean on Your Support System

It can take a long time to overcome a fear of the dentist. In some cases, it may even require counseling. Chances are, you’ll need dental care before you feel 100% over your fear of the dentist. In that case, it can help to bring a family member or friend for support. They can help calm your nerves, hold your hand, and make the appointment less scary.

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Even if you’re dealing with dental fear, Dr. Brent MacDonald is here to help with your dental care needs in Calgary. Our general dental practice offers complete oral health care services for patients of all ages. We are willing to work with you as you strive to overcome your dental anxiety.

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