Tips for Maintaining a Bright Smile After Teeth Whitening

A white, bright smile makes you appear more youthful and radiant. Achieving a sparkling white smile is the goal for many people.

Teeth whitening at the dental office is one of the best ways to dramatically whiten your smile in under one hour. It’s a non-invasive option for improving the look of your smile.

But without proper care, your teeth can quickly become stained and yellow again. The good news is that it’s possible to maintain your smile at home.

Keep reading to learn how to maintain your white teeth.

Tips for Maintaining a Bright Smile After Teeth Whitening

Reduce Staining

Stains naturally occur over time, but you can reduce them with diligence. Certain drinks and foods stain our teeth more easily than others. Dark liquids, like tea, coffee, soda, and wine, stain the teeth, along with berries and tobacco. Limiting consumption of these items can help, but if you do have them be sure to use a straw. Thoroughly clean your teeth after as well.

Dental Hygiene

Proper dental care is crucial for preserving white teeth. Brush twice per day and floss every day to remove plaque, bacteria, and surface stains. This is one of the simplest ways to keep your smile bright and sparkly.

Regular Dental Appointments

Visiting the dentist for your teeth cleanings and exams also helps keep teeth looking their best. The dental team can remove hard-to-reach plaque and lift even more stains than you can at home. They will also be able to examine your smile for any underlying causes to tooth yellowing. Go to the dental office at least once every six months for a professional cleaning and exam.

Store-Bought Whitening Products

At-home whitening solutions are not the best solution for making a dramatic difference, but they can help keep your teeth white. Follow your dentist’s recommendations to use a whitening toothpaste, rinse, or gel to maintain your white smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Calgary

Are you looking to get a white smile? Then teeth whitening is an excellent solution! Dr. Brent MacDonald’s dental clinic offers teeth whitening services in Calgary to help you get a whiter smile. We’re happy to share more information and tips for maintaining your white smile as well.

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